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Elevate your wine Program.

Redefining the Industry.
— Zagat
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The First of its kind.

A low-Cost, Industry-Leading Wine Program Consulting Service.




10x your buying power

Being a part of the Lucid Selections network instantly gives your restaurant more buying power for better prices. Because we purchase on behalf of a multitude of restaurants, we use our network and relationships with local distributors to leverage better pricing for your entity.


Industry leading wine list curation

Our staff is compiled of Sommeliers that have won Michelin Stars, multiple James Beard Awards, and  awarded with placements on the world's Top 50 Restaurant List.

We use the power of collaboration to build the industry's elite wine lists.


Highly Effective Staff Education

Our easily digestible, cloud-based education curriculum is at your floor staff's fingertips 24/7. The most effective of its kind. 

We guarantee your floor staff will see instant results, obtain more knowledge, and have table-side fluidity. Everyone knows education = more sales.


No turnover

The restaurant industry holds first place for having the highest turnover rate of any other industry. Imagine never having to search, interview, and train another wine buyer again, feels good huh?

While most consultants require a large upfront sum, then leave, we work with you throughout the duration of your restaurant's life.

Always Looking for the Next Best Thing.

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